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Substitute teachers and ESPs
deserve community and support.


"We design intentional, meaningful, sustainable professional development for educators. Most recently, we designed an in-person gathering structure, called SubCommunities, where substitute voices are centered, high yield instructional and social emotional strategies are shared, and genuine community is formed.  We were fortunate to partner with our local teacher’s union, The Washington Education Association, through a grant from our Office of Superintendent of Public instruction. We have scaled our SubCommunities across Washington State. We developed a train-the-trainer curriculum and are currently training and working alongside a cadre of ten Substitute Teacher Leaders to support subs and paras regionally. These gatherings are transforming the way districts across Washington are supporting their support staff. "


SubCommunities were formed out of the emerging post-pandemic need for community and connection amongst substitute educators. These affinity groups for subs provide physical spaces for subs to gather, something that is rarely offered to us! SubCommunity facilitators model high yield instructional and social emotional skills, strategies and mindsets that subs can take back to the classroom and use immediately. 

"The presence of substitute educators from all different backgrounds learning together is what makes SubCommunities unique and effective. We always eat a meal together because food is integral to community building. We always share stories, model instructional and social emotional learning strategies and learn from one another. We usually walk away from SubCommunities filled up with purpose and joy."

"Substitute teaching and classroom teaching are different jobs with different goals and purposes. When teachers understand this, and adjust accordingly, their experiences as substitutes become so much more meaningful and enjoyable."

K-12 Substitute/Staff

How can school districts address the current increase in demand for skilled substitute teachers? And, more importantly, how can schools and districts retain effective substitute teachers and educational support professionals? We here at Conklin Educational Perspectives have the distinct and unique advantage of being trainers and consultants who are also current practitioners. We are out in school buildings, weekly, working with teachers and students. Contact us to learn how we can help your building or district create sustainable, ongoing professional learning communities for your substitute teachers and paraprofessionals.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Intentionality is key when considering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging — from how we set up the classroom, to how we greet children and families. As educators, we are passionate about equity among the ECE and K-12 workforce. Whatever the role — teacher, substitute, teacher's aide, classroom aide, Paraeducator, school bus driver or even a parent of a preschooler — you make an impact. We love helping  educators become more culturally aware.

A culturally sustaining classroom does not just refer to or mention the diverse cultures, languages and ways of life students experience, but meaningfully incorporates them into the very center of teaching and learning.

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