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Early Childhood Education 


"Every Student Deserves a Great Teacher,
not by Chance, but by Design"

- Fisher, Frey & Hattie, 2016

Early Childhood Empowered

Providing tools to teachers and adults who influence the lives of 0-5 year olds.

Early childhood educators must understand what a high quality preschool classroom looks like, and the importance of using research based teaching practices as tools in classroom design. Teachers who are equipped with these tools can teach young children the skills they need in order to self-regulate. 


In early childhood classrooms adults become 'brain builders.'  From birth to six is one of the most important age ranges due to rapid brain development. The developmental outcomes for a child are based on the opportunities they get from the environment and the people who provide care. What we do in classrooms matters! 


Through coaching and mentoring, we support the ECE workforce and advocate for them to receive livable wages and easy access to education. Supporting the workforce is supporting the children.



We provide consultation and training to school districts and buildings in the follow areas:

  • Substitute Support

  • Early Childhood SEL

  • Special Education 

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 

  • Literacy Aquisition 

  • High Yield Instructional Strategies 

  • Universal Design for Learning

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