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Join our affinity groups for substitute educators! These gatherings provide subs an opportunity to be in common spaces with their fellow educators. At SubCommunities, we eat a meal together, connect as substitutes, model high yield, instructional and social emotional strategies and learn from our collective wisdom. 

"I feel empowered and a sense of community!"

What are SubCommunities?

SubCommunities are gathering spaces where substitute educators can connect and grow.

The COVID 19 pandemic changed the way we need substitute educators in public schools. Long quarantines and shifting educational responsibilities grew the need for subs exponentially. According to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, in 2023, the number of Emergency Certified Substitute Teachers (ESTs) in Washington State has ballooned to over 15,000. As it did almost everywhere, the pandemic uncovered massive holes in the way we support substitute educators in our public schools. Additionally, emergency certified substitute teachers often have different needs than subs with a teaching background. 

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SubCommunities was born out of these emerging needs for community and connection amongst substitute educators. It provides a space for subs to gather, something that is rarely available to us. It also provides strategies, ideas, mindsets, and skills that are specific to substitute teaching. The presence of substitute educators from all different backgrounds learning together is what makes SubCommunities unique and effective. We always eat a meal together because food is integral to community building. We always share stories, model instructional and social emotional learning strategies and learn from one another. We usually walk away from SubCommunities filled up with purpose and joy.

“As an emergency substitute teacher, these gatherings have given me a renewed confidence in the classroom. I look forward to them every month!”

“Not only have I filled up my toolbox with effective games, filler lessons, and ideas. I have met other substitute teachers, and built genuine community with my fellow subs.”

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